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Sustainable strengthening of concrete structures with CFRP

Sustainable strengthening of concrete structures with CFRP

Type of project:

Responsible part:
DTU, Dept. of Civil Engineering

In recent years the use of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) externally bonded systems has been proven to be a competitive and effective method for repair and upgrading of concrete structures, both regarding structural performance and economical aspects. This project focuses on shear strengthening.

The most common material to adhere the FRP to the structure is epoxy which in this project will be replaced by cementitious bonding agents (polymer-modified mortars). The aim of the project is to develop a high-tech repair and strengthening material and method for concrete structures, both environmental friendly and financially competitive which can be widely used for different types of buildings and structures without the limitations of epoxy-based systems such as moisture sensitiveness, difficulties with application on wet surfaces and/or at low temperatures. Main emphasis is placed on practical application. 

Tests focus on shear strengthening with CFRP grids. Adhesion between the cementitious bonding agent and the CFRP material will be investigated.The most important questions to be clarified are the effect of shrinkage, long-term behaviour (creep), durability issues, temperature effects and diffusion openness in connection to freeze/thaw cycles. 

The laboratory test results will be compared with analitical and numerical studies´ results and evaluated. Numerical modelling includes FEM analysis and fracture mechanics.  
The project will contribute to the ongoing research at DTU. An exchange with Norut Technology Ltd. In Narvik, Norway will be also conducted.

Project period:
January 2006 - December 2008

DTU, Dept. of Civil Engineering
Norut Technology Ltd.


Relation to the Danish Concrete Counsel focus areas:
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