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Management of Reinforcement Corrosion

Management of Reinforcement Corrosion

Type of project:

Responsible part:
DTU, Dept. of Civil Engineering

Reinforcement corrosion is the foremost deterioration mechanism of structural concrete, both with regard to costs and consequences. Steel is normally protected in concrete due to its high alkalinity; corrosion is initiated by chloride ions or carbonation. It appears that the present description of the processes of steel corrosion in concrete is, to some extent, not based on thermodynamic principles and as such may be erroneous. It is the hypothesis of this PhD project that a correct model for reinforcement corrosion will allow the development of new and untraditional principles for the management of corrosion in both new and existing structures. Based on consistent thermodynamic principles a model for reinforcement corrosion will be developed and experimentally verified. This model in combination with knowledge on surface engineering, microtechnology and concrete technology available at IPL and BYG•DTU will allow the development of, for example, new materials concepts for reinforcement. As a whole, the project is anticipated to provide a basis for significant improvement of the performance of reinforced concrete structures and one or more patent possibilities.

Project period:
October 2003 – September 2006

DTU, Dept. of Civil Engineering


Relation to the Danish Concrete Counsel focus areas:
1. Efficiency and economics
2. Aesthetics, function, and flexibility  x
3. Environment, work environment, and indoor climate
4. Recruitment, education, and R&D